15.01.2018 - 19.01.2018 - Resident at VondelCS, Amsterdam - I wrote a blog about my experience, read it here: http://www.radio4.nl/opiumop4/thema/3/de_toren_kamer/200/nancy-de-graaf
24.01.2018 - Mister Motley! http://www.mistermotley.nl/art-everyday-life/torenkamer-nancy-de-graaf
04.06.2018 - 22.06.2018 Resident at Lokalen, Lichtenvoorde http://www.lokalen.info/
06.07.2018 - 02.09.2018 Kunsthal Indigo, Almelo - Collaboration with Museum De Fundatie http://www.kunsthalhof88.nl/
11.07.2018 - 15.07.2018 Resident at 'Skauhytt' (Ole Nieling, 2016) microresidency near Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst http://skauhytt.com/
30.09.2018 - 07.10.2018 10 jaar HeArtfund - Paralleltentoonstelling Wolvecampprijs, Hengelo

11.09.2018 - 30.10.2018 Solo exhibition at Galerie Joghem, Amsterdam - Sanquin - https://www.sanquin.nl/over-sanquin/exposities/
16.09.2018 - 09.12.2018 055|Apeldoorn Art 2018 - CODA Museum, Apeldoorn https://www.coda-apeldoorn.nl/nl/agenda/055-apeldoorn-art-2018
27.10.2018 - 06.01.2018 Greetings from Skauhytt, Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst http://www.hetkunstgemaal.nl/.
So.. I was a resident in Ole Nielings ‘Skauhytt’, a cabin he built in Norway, 2016. Skauhytt is on tour -currently located near Het Kunstgemaal in Bronkhorst, the Netherlands. This is where the residency took place. 9 artists participated -you can find them at http://www.skauhytt.com/. Watch the video’s on the website to get an idea of what happened OR visit the group exhibition 'Greetings from Skauhytt' Don’t miss it – next to awesome contemporary artworks there will be lots of cool stories to be heard.

For 5 days i have been living in Skauhytt, working with aluminum. I built an installation -kijkdoos- something I never did before (on this scale) and made a video of it. Actually I am most content with the pictures I made while installing the work: I will probably use them for painting ja wat kan ik zeggen, ik ben en blijf toch een schilder heh. See what I did here; https://vimeo.com/281357072

I want to thank Ole Nieling, Het kunstgemaal, Het keukengemaal, Gelderland erfgoedfestival 2018, Mondriaanfonds, all the people who supported and came to visit me for the opportunities and experiences. And the weather. I want to thank the weather. It was nice and warm and dry

2018 Kunstcommissie Sanquin bought the work 'Anders' - so awesome
2017 - 2018 Ongoing printmaking project 'Hup, kleed schilderij' https://www.nancydegraaf.com/hup-kleed-schilderij-werkplan/
01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018 Oh yeah oh yeah - Werkbijdrage Jong Talent - Mondriaan Fonds, het publieke stimuleringsfonds voor beeldende kunst en cultureel erfgoed - Mondriaan Fund, the public cultural funding organization focusing on visual arts and cultural heritage www.mondriaanfonds.nl/en/


Nancy de Graaf
1989 born in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

2012-2016 Bachelor Fine Art Painting, AKI ArtEZ Enschede

2018 Werkbijdrage Jong Talent
Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam www.mondriaanfonds.nl/en/

2016 Buning Brongers Prijs
Buning Brongers Stichting, Amsterdam
2016 HeArtfund
Stichting HeArtpool, Hengelo

2018 Solo exhibition at Galerie Joghem -solo- 11.09.2018 - 30.10.2018
Galerie Joghem, Sanquin bloedvoorziening, Amsterdam
2018 055 | Apeldoorn Art -group- 16.09.2018 - 09.12.2018
CODA Museum, Apeldoorn
2018 10 jaar HeArtfund -group- Paralleltentoonstelling Wolvecampprijs 30.09.2018 - 07.10.2018
Stichting HeArtpool, Hengelo
2018 De fundatie te gast -with Rob Scholte and Jan Sluijters- 6.7.2018 - 2.9.2018
Indigo, Kunsthal Hof88, Almelo

2017 This Art Fair, stand 53 -group- 27.12.2017 - 30.12.2017
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
2017 Kunst en koffie -group- 5.11.17 - 3.12.17
Concordia, film, theater, beeldende kunst, Enschede
2017 Dubbelvla, regenpak -Solo- 3.9.17 - 8.10.17
HeArtgallery, Hengelo
2017 Hengelo Toont 2 -group- 5.2.17 - 23.4.17
HeArtgallery, Hengelo
2017 Nancy de Graaf-solo- 22.1.17 - 26.3.17
De Weemhof, Borculo
2017 Recent afgestudeerden-group- 15.1.17 - 2.4.17
Indigo, Kunsthal Hof88, Almelo

2016 Buning Brongers Prizes 2016 Exhibition-group-
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2016 Preparation for the last dinner-group-
Tankstation, Enschede
2016 ZE VALLEN OP Duo exhibition with Dieuwke Eggink
Kunsthuis LOOF, Jubbega
2016 Menzis Jong Talent 2016-group-
Menzis, Wageningen
2016 Jubileumeditie Wolvecampprijs 1998-2016-group-
Stichting HeArtpool in Hazemeijer Hengelo
2016 ArtEZ finals 2016 - Graduation show-group-
Museum TwentseWelle, Enschede
2016 Future Rewind - Past Forward-group-
Stichting VIERKWART @ Het Robson, Enschede

2015 Conglomeraat #3-group-
Stichting VIERKWART @ Het Robson, Enschede
2015 Snap³ Kunstruimte Grafiek
Internationaal grafieksymposium - Printmaking in other forms of art-group-
AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design, Enschede

2014 Tekenminor expositie-group-
AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design, Enschede

2018 Microresidency Skauhytt (Ole Nieling 2016), Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst
2018 Lokalen - Ruimte voor creatief ondernemen, Lichtenvoorde
2018 Torenkamer - Opium op 4 (AVROTROS) - VondelCS, Amsterdam

2018 'Anders' Sanquin Kunstcollectie 2017 'Kings'; 'Kings 2'; 'Kings 3' Isala Kunstcollectie
2016 'Frambozenvla' Isala Kunstcollectie
2016 'The thin orange string thing' Menzis Kunstcollectie

2017 'Nancy de Graaf - Schilder - Heartfund 2016-2017' - Stichting HeArtpool

2018 Skauhytt residency, Bronkhorst - artist video https://vimeo.com/281357072
2018 Mister Motley, Art and everyday life http://www.mistermotley.nl/art-everyday-life/torenkamer-nancy-de-graaf
2018 Torenkamer, VondelCS, Avrotros, Opium, residentie blog http://www.radio4.nl/opiumop4/thema/3/de_toren_kamer/200/nancy-de-graaf
2016 Buning Brongers Prijzen 2016 Catalogus
2016'Bitterzoete Hersenschimmen' door Grytsje Klijnstra in de Leeuwarder Courant
2016'Breekbeeld' -ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2016 web
May 2016


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 Email> info@nancydegraaf.com

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